Healing Scrupulosity Course

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This course builds real tools to take steps towards understanding and healing scrupulosity from a Catholic perspective. Religious scrupulosity is based in anxiety and obsessive compulsive patterns. Christ tells us to be not afraid and calls us to live life to its fullest each and every day. So what does this look like when we are struggling with intrusive and critical thoughts? 

This 7 video course dives into how to make sense of scrupulosity and intrusive thoughts and builds an understanding of its origins and the impact it has on living out our Catholic faith. It provides practical tools in each session to help with intrusive thoughts and religious scrupulosity. 

While this self guided course is not psychotherapy or a replacement for it, it is a powerful resource in taking steps towards Christ-centered healing in your life today. 

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Adam Cross is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #116623 and also worked as the Youth Minister at his local parish in Southern California where he was born and raised.

Over the course of his work in psychotherapy Adam has worked with many individuals on understanding and healing their scrupulosity and intrusive thoughts. Adam integrates the Catholic faith in treating scrupulosity and anxiety by viewing the human person from the heart of the Church. Adam firmly believes and has seen healing come from psychotherapy and personal healing through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

To schedule an appointment with Adam or for more information please call 1 (805) 428-3755 or send an email to amc.cross7@gmail.com.