The Catholic Therapist

 Adam Cross M.A.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #116623 (805) 428 – 3755

A Guide to Real-lationships

In a world of tik tok, snapchat, and dm’s what does a healthy relationship look like in 2023? Whether we are trying to meet new friends in our classes, sports teams, or Youth Ministry, or are pursuing a romantic relationship, building real and authentic relationships in our modern age is a challenging thing. As we…

A God Who Speaks

Social media and technology allow us to hear people’s voices, opinions, and thoughts at just a touch of a screen. We can talk to our best friends and family and hear them clearly from thousands of miles away. So if we can speak and talk to so many people so easily, why is it hard…

Know & Love – God in Your Mental Health

What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘mental health’? You might think of self care, a ‘crazy’ person, or maybe lying on a sofa interpreting your most recent wacky dream. While the world has many different ideas of mental health, the Catholic faith presents a beautiful understanding of it and ourselves. Simply put,…

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  1. Dolores Robertson says:

    How can I find a good Catholic therapist near me in Coastal Mississippi?


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