The Catholic Therapist

 Adam Cross M.A.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #116623 (805) 428 – 3755

Can’t Go Around…

Do you ever feel like your emotions just get in the way? Whether it’s anger at a parent, a panic attack at school, or hurt caused by a friend, our emotions can at times feel overwhelming and unnecessary. While our emotions are not only necessary, they are good and God-given. God has given us the…

Don’t Buy the Lie

To quote the great and late Mufasa, Simba, remember who you are. In the Lion King Simba believes the lie that he is responsible for his dad’s death. He runs away and forgets who he is. In life, it can be so easy to believe that we are defined by grades, sports, social media, or…

A Guide to Real-lationships

In a world of tik tok, snapchat, and dm’s what does a healthy relationship look like in 2023? Whether we are trying to meet new friends in our classes, sports teams, or Youth Ministry, or are pursuing a romantic relationship, building real and authentic relationships in our modern age is a challenging thing. As we…

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  1. Dolores Robertson says:

    How can I find a good Catholic therapist near me in Coastal Mississippi?


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