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17523015_1183458501763393_5767377949018198347_nHello everyone!

Working simultaneoulsy in Youth Ministry and Faith Formation for the past six years, and working as a Marriage and Family therapist towards licensure for the past four, I have acquired a passion for integrating the richness of the Catholic faith with the psychotherapy process.

In working with these populations teen and young adult issues have especially become a specialty of mine in the therapy setting. There are so many unique struggles to the adolscent and young adulthood years. In addition to those areas I also specialize in anger management and domestic violence and work with clients dealing with depression, anxiety, sexuality, trauma, and more. In therapy I encourage all of my clients to begin to look at therapy as a unique and intimate process. It is a process to 1. Make the unconscious, conscious. 2. Begin to have a relationship with themselves (most people don’t, or rather can’t stand themselves) and finally, 3. Begin their journey to make their life fulfilling and joyful! While I didn’t come up with these myself (I have a great supervisor), they are the solid foundation of a process that will not only change you, but also strengthen you, and shape you to become the person you were made to be.

In this blog and podcasts to come, I hope to dive into the beautiful complexity of life, faith, and true peace. For any questions regarding my practice or myself, please check out the ‘About’ page and don’t hesitate to call at (805) 428-3755 to schedule appointments or inquire about talks that I offer to parishes, schools, and businesses. Stay tuned for the upcoming article on Peace of Soul!



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