Triggers & Hurts

Often times we can find ourselves angry or frustrated and not even know why. Sometimes it is easy to notice that a certain something said to us, or a behavior, can trigger us in certain ways. These situations and triggers are important and can reveal helpful self-knowledge.

The more we understand about ourselves, the more we are able to make healthier and smarter choices in our lives. Therapy is a place to unpack our past hurts and see how they affect our day-to-day decisions. The process of therapy is a deepening of self-awareness and a look at how our past hurts, trauma, and relationships affect our current beliefs, thoughts, and actions. In therapy you are able to take a look at what triggers you have, what helps you cope, and what has shaped you into the person you are today. Honesty and greater self-awareness bring about tremendous peace and fulfillment. Consider scheduling an appointment for therapy today.

To schedule an appointment with Adam Cross AMFT please call (805) 428-3755, email, or visit the contact page at

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