Thoughts Matter

Your Thoughts Matter!

Some scientists claim that we have over 50,000 thoughts per day!

It’s amazing how many thoughts run through our heads each and every day. Sometimes we are not even fully aware of our passing thoughts and how they shape our views, opinions, and actions. 

We might wonder how our thoughts affect our views towards other people and the things on our to-do lists, but it is also important to ask how your thoughts affect your view of self on a daily basis. What beliefs do you carry that shape how you view yourself and the world around you?

Working in therapy I have seen so many clients that have negative thoughts about themselves that prevent them from living life to the fullest. It is very common for people to think to themselves “I’m not capable of doing that”, “I am a failure”, or even ” I am not lovable”. Most people have had these thoughts at some point in their lives. Sometimes we call this negative “self-talk” but these thoughts can also be so engrained in us and become “core” beliefs about ourselves. Core beliefs about ourselves shape our perspectives of the world, who we are – our identity, and our self-worth. Negative core beliefs and negative self talk can change how we behave, what we pursue, how much motivation we have, and can alter how much we believe we are worth or are loved. So much of what we do begins with entertaining a thought. Our thoughts build patterns and these patterns create behaviors and habits for the good or for the bad. 

So what thoughts do you allow yourself to entertain? What core beliefs about yourself do you live by? Knowing your thoughts, where they come from, and how they impact your life takes practice. Examining our thoughts is a process of giving thoughts we don’t want to God, and kindling hope and an attitude of positivity and gratitude in focusing on positive affirming thoughts. Daily journaling is a wonderful way to be more aware of your thoughts and how they shape your life.

Therapy is the perfect place to examine your thoughts, core beliefs, and self talk. Therapy is a place to begin to have that better and more intimate relationship with yourself. Thoughts matter because YOU matter. Our thoughts are the seeds of our actions and how we decide to live our lives. In having a better relationship with ourselves by understanding our thoughts and behaviors, we are able to live healthier, more joyful, and more fruitful lives!

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