The Value of Emotions

Have you ever been confused by an emotion you have? Have you had to ask yourself why am I so angry? why am I feeling so down, right now?

Sometimes emotions can be confusing. It’s easy to be swayed by them completely or on the other side wish that they could be completely turned off. So how do we make sense of emotions?

St. John Paul II said “emotions are reactions to a value”.  A value is something we hold to be important. This means that our emotions are like guideposts or signs pointing often to a deeper concern and belief. Often times when we are angry, that anger points to some sort of injustice that is done to us or others. These guideposts are a good and helpful thing. Our emotions can help us understand what we are experiencing and even what is important us. They can lead us to healthy and needed action. As we grow and develop, so do our values and therefore our emotions. Our emotions are in need of reflection and time to be taken seriously.

Understanding our own emotions and what is important to us can be an amazing start to living a more authentic, happier, and holier life. The therapy process is all about greater self-awareness in examining your emotions, thoughts, and experiences. For more information on therapy or to make an appointment, feel free to give me a call or send an email today.

To schedule an appointment with Adam Cross AMFT please call (805) 428-3755, email, or visit the contact page at

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