The Sacrament of the Present Moment

In therapy and in my own life I am always seeing the need for mindfulness and staying present in the given moment. For many of us this can be a real challenge when we are thinking of our plans for this summer, what’s for dinner tonight, or maybe regretting something that has happened in our past. For almost all of us we can see the need to stay present and not get lost in the past or future. Even if we try to stay present we can easily get lost in thoughts, worries, or our lists of things to do.

So how do we stay in the present moment?

Recently I had the pleasure of hearing Fr. Mike Schmitz speak and he said something that really stood out to me about mindfulness. Fr. Schmitz said that to avoid distraction and stay in the present moment all we need to do is ask,  offer, and accept.

  1.  Ask – At any given time for any given reason we have the ability to ask that God be present in our lives. The good news is that He is already present to us but we can further recognize His love and willingness to be with us by asking Him into whatever we are doing.
  2.  Offer – After asking God to be present in our lives and in any give moment we can offer Him whatever we might be doing. Whether it’s our work, reading, exercising, and even rest, we can offer this time and activity to God. In this we are giving of ourselves to God and inviting Him into the small details of our lives.
  3. Accept – In asking for God’s presence in our daily moments and offering Him our lives all there is to do is accept whatever He allows to come out of the present. We can accept the present moment as it is and thank God for the fruits it bares.
The next time you are struggling with staying present, in the present, remember to simply, ask, offer, and accept.

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